The Sensational Alex Harvey Band 1975/76

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These highly collectable, hand finished giclée prints were created on archival fine art paper and are not available in stores. They celebrate The Sensational Alex Harvey Band's shows at the Newcastle City Hall on the 6th and 7th May, 1976, the Glasgow Apollo between the 18th and 20th December, 1975 and The New Victoria Theatre London on the 23rd and 24th of December, 1975. Multimedia artist David Lloyd took the photographs of Alex and Zal when he was 18, creating the montage and design some decades later for these prints.

The high quality inks and materials used, combine to produce incredibly rich colours and detail with a light fastness guarantee in excess of 60 years indoor display life. Please note: Due to worldwide shipping constraints, we are unable to sell our prints mounted and framed as illustrated.

Originally from the North East of England, David Lloyd is an alumni of Central Saint Martins and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy and spent most of his life working as an artist, musician and composer on both sides of the Atlantic.

I was just a child when my innocence was lost…

The throbbing analogue bass and shaker of ‘Faith Healer’ built up a tension in the hall and all our hearts pounded along with it, as our leader, Alex Harvey, strolled out into the spotlight wearing a velvet smoking jacket and a mischievous smile, cradling a huge bunch of red roses in his arms.  Slowly, like a priest sprinkling holy water over the congregation, he proceeded to cast each single rose gently out into the crowd around me, until there was only one left in the palm of his right hand.  With a glint in his eye, he bit the head off that final rose and began to sing, crimson petals falling from his lips with each word…

“Let me put my hands on you...”

I was 18, taking photographs of my favourite bands whenever they came to town and just about to head down to art school in London, an adventure that would lead into a headlong collision with the Pistols, the Clash and all that sailed with them.  Throughout the early days of punk there was something in the air that lit the fuse on an almost Stalinist purge against just about everything that went before it.  Despite that climate, Alex Harvey and the band held a place in the hearts of every young punk who’d ever had the great fortune to see them and we spoke in whispered tones of affection and awe of the great man and his band.  An affection that stays with me now so many decades later.  When Alex looked into my lens that night, I was just a teenager hitting gold dust, and as a fan I’m just glad that I have this one chance to share that moment now in this celebration of one of the greatest bands I ever saw.

David Lloyd
May, 2018